Research & Reviews

Below are the collected shortcuts to posts about my research, as well as essays, reviews, and commentaries on research conducted by others


Project WIMH: Post #1   #2   #3  #4

When I Flirted with Evolutionary Psychology: My Undergraduate Thesis on Mating Strategies and Power

Essays, Reviews & Commentaries

Personality and Safety: A Review of Beus, Dhanani, & McCord (2015)

Criteria for Testing and Evaluating Occupational Safety Interventions: An Overview of Shannon, Robson, & Guastello (1999)

What We Know About Safety Climate and Workplace Injuries: A Summary of Beus, Payne, Bergman, & Arthur (2010)

Consider Dread – A Review of Burke, Salvador, Smith-Crowe, Chan-Serafin, Smith, & Sonesh (2011)

Re-thinking the Role of Perceptual Acuity – A Review and Commentary on Veazie, Landen, Bender, & Amandus (1994)

The Past, Present, and Future of Workplace Safety Research – A Review of Beus, McCord, & Zohar (2016)

Leadership is tied to employee well-being through this subjective experience – Arnold, Turner, Barling, Kelloway, & McKee (2007)

Hand or Foot – Cheung, Alvaro, & Colotla (2003)

Chronic motivational state interacts with task reward structure in dynamic decision-making – Cooper, Worthy, & Maddox (2015)



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