General Stats

I took my first stats class in my second year of psychology. I was never strong in math – in fact, it stressed me out a great deal. I could tell that many of my classmates felt the same way when I consistently overheard the statement, “I took psychology to avoid doing math!” While that was never my intention, it was in part why I wasn’t pulled toward the physical sciences. Luckily I had a tremendous teacher (a fortunate trend I have had throughout my life), Dr. Steve Hladkyj. If it wasn’t for him, I could have been easily scared away, but he made stats fun and for the first time I excelled in a math-oriented class. Since then I have enjoyed statistics and appreciate the powerful insight they provide into our lives and into our research. It is my goal to pass on this knowledge, from the very basic right through to the complex in a way that will hopefully provide scaffolding for whatever level you are at.


On this page I will start off with some very basic stuff for statistics in the social sciences and work my way up (but don’t worry, these resources will always be available to go back to).

Useful resources:

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