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SPSS by IBM is probably one of the most common stats programs across campuses in psychology and other social science departments. It’s been incredibly useful for me and will likely continue to play a role in my research. It really is a great program to start learning statistics with and enables you to do some pretty powerful analysis with little more than point-and-click. Nonetheless it is quite expensive if your organization doesn’t provide it for you (Thank you U of C!) and to this day is rather clunky and prone the crash.

Syntax Tips and Tricks

Remove cases

Reorder variables in a dataset

Variable and value labels

Compress lists of variables

Topics to be covered:

Introduction to SPSS

Data entry

Basic analyses

Assumption checking



Mediation and moderation using the Hayes macro

Exploratory factor analysis

SPSS resources from around the web:

Raynald’s collection of syntaxes, macros, tips and more for SPSS

David Kenny’s mediation macro

Andrew Haye’s process macro for indirect effects

Chris Stride’s two-way interaction test & plot macro

Chris Stride & Jeremy Dawson’s three-way interaction test & plot macro